2017: The Year in Gratitude

Spoiler alert: This post contains a hearty helping of joy.
When someone donates $50 or more to a classroom project on, they get the chance to receive handwritten thank-you notes from the students they helped. Many donors then hop online and use the #sharethanks hashtag to spread the love.
All told, donors have funded 195,587 classroom projects this year  — and students sent 1,307,548 of these special notes in return. We’ve collected just a few of our favorites, one for each month, as shared by the recipients. Here’s the most thankful year-in-review you’ll read in 2017!
To “kickoff” the year just right, we defer to the pro football star. 

Beautiful thank you notes and pictures from a 1st grade class here in #Baltimore!Support education with @DonorsChoose #sharethanks #OneMore
— Benjamin Watson (@BenjaminSWatson) January 19, 2017

Best office party ever.

Instead of gifts this past xmas, my coworkers and I fulfilled @DonorsChoose projects. We just got the best package in the mail! #sharethanks
— Karen Bucher (@IDrawPicsAllDay) February 22, 2017

New mittens. Warm hearts. Can’t lose.

Glad the classroom received the winter coats, hats and mittens! Just in time! #sharegoodfortune #warmhearts #sharethanks w/ @DonorsChoose
— Gabriella Mirabelli (@g_mirabelli) March 16, 2017

Mackenzie brings it home.

I used @DonorsChoose to contribute to a class in my hometown and got some amazing thank-you notes in return. 🤓❤ #sharethanks
— Mackenzie Walton (@mackenziewalton) April 1, 2017

When you’re walking your pet dragon in 2037, you’ll know who’s responsible.

Best thank you note ever (via @DonorsChoose). If I can make the difference in just one mad scientist’s life, it’s all worth it. 4u Kerrigan!
— Brad Ennis (@bradennis) May 30, 2017

Sometimes you just need a little boost. Cheers, Mallory!

Nothing cheers me up like more thank-you art from another @DonorsChoose classroom. #ShareThanks #TGIF
— M. Woodrow-Kabot (@malloryloren) June 23, 2017

Gretchen, we’re proud to have you (and Dad) in our teachers’ corner!

Dad (who is doing a little better!) & I are proud to support @DonorsChoose and we #sharethanks for the great work of teachers!
— Gretchen Tibbits (@GretchenTibbits) July 8, 2017

Thank-you notes from kindergartners > almost everything else.

Nothing like thank you notes from kindergarteners.♥️ Thanks @DonorsChoose for the opportunity to help. #ShareThanks
— Ben Forta (@benforta) August 14, 2017

We think it’s silly too, Gerson. (And, Rebecca, we hope you’re okay?)

@DonorsChoose these cards…you’re killing me. #sharethanks #sharelove
— Rebecca (@toberbh) September 29, 2017

Classroom news — straight from the source.

One of the reasons we love @DonorsChoose here @crookedmedia. You know where the donation went and hear directly from the kids.
— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) October 25, 2017

Class reads Wonder. Class shares wonderment. Mission accomplished.

“We are all Wonders!” A moment to #sharethanks from my @DonorsChoose friends in CA! Glad they could read the amazing “Wonder,” and love it like I did! #grateful #wonder
— Kate Hannah (@kickerkate) November 19, 2017

When it comes to students and teachers, what more can we say? MariAnne tells it like it is.

It means a lot to support classrooms throughout the country that need specific help. The kids are great, and their teachers go above and beyond to make their class experience count! I appreciate being able to support them! @DonorsChoose #sharethanks
— MariAnne Vanella (@VanellaGroup) December 4, 2017

Want more gratitude in your life? Check out #sharethanks on Twitter and Instagram.


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