$4 Million in Gates Foundation Funding for High-Need and/or Rural High School Teachers

Thanks to a $4 million dollar grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, offers high-school teachers at high-need (40% or more students eligible for free/reduced lunch) or rural schools half-funding for all projects to prepare their students for college and/or college level work!
What’s Available and Who Qualifies
Gates Foundation has given us a grant to match funding to your next classroom project request(s) to prepare students for college or college level work. So far, 93% of projects that qualified for this Gates match offer were fully funded by donors who visited our site!
If you are a full-time teacher at a high-need or rural public high school, you are eligible for this funding.
How Do I Get Started?
First, log in to your teacher account on (if you don’t have one, any public school teacher can sign up at
Once you’re logged in, submit one or more projects requesting materials to help prepare your students for college or college level work.
A few hours after your project is approved, you should see a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation logo on your project. This means it has qualified for this offer and now has a great chance of being fully funded by the other donors that visit our site.
To see projects recently funded via this offer, click here.
To get started with submitting your own college prep project, log in to your account at
[Updated 09/10/09]


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