A late break in the mustache race… Ariba! Ariba!

There’s never a wrong time to grow a mustache. That goes without saying.
For Ariba, a much appreciated partner, February is proving to be THE month to grow a ‘stache and raise some cash for classrooms in need. The men and mustaches of Ariba are quickly ascending the ranks of those companies that grew sweet ‘staches in November as part of the Mustaches for Kids Challenge. In a less than three weeks, they’ve raised over $6,500 and reached over 1,800 students in need.
The Ariba gang has already clinched the #4 spot on the Mustache Leaderboard. If they want to medal in mustaches and make it into the TOP THREE, they’ll have to unseat our very own Growers. To help them do it, check out the Ariba page (be sure to check out their individual pages – awesome pictures!) and support one of the classroom projects they’ve chosen.
Special thanks to Melvin and his magnificent mustache for leading the Ariba charge (HINT: Support one of the rural West Virginia classrooms he picked)!


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