#BestSchoolDay 2018: Every Project Funded!

#BestSchoolDay is here!
Last night, Ripple fully funded every single live classroom project. That’s over 35,000 projects in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity. We literally don’t have words to express our gratitude, so we had to invent some. We’re flabbermazed. Astonified. It blew us away, knocked our socks off… WOW!
Here’s a message from Ripple and our founder, Charles, talking about why Ripple chose to support our creative community of teachers with this gift:

Since 2000, has supported teachers looking to bring tools and experiences to their classrooms to help their students get the best possible education. Started by a teacher, we’ve grown to support over 400,000 public school teachers representing 76% of public schools across the US. Thanks to Ripple’s gift, over the next few weeks tens of thousands more boxes full of supplies will start arriving in classrooms across the country.
Celebrate with us on social media
This is the biggest moment (so far) in history, and our goal is to get the whole country celebrating education today. If you want to join in, head over to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and post with the hashtag #BestSchoolDay. Send Ripple (@ripple) a virtual high-five, share a video of your reaction, or post the GIF that perfectly represents how you feel. Just don’t forget to mention #BestSchoolDay!
Our friend (and member of the Board of Directors) Stephen Colbert kicked off the celebration last night with an announcement on The Late Show:

Give to a #BestSchoolDay Project
Last night marked the first time in 18 years where the total number of projects on our site read “0.” But that won’t last long: By the next back-to-school season, we expect teachers to have created over 135,000 more projects — and they’re already rolling in.
You can keep the excitement going! Find a project that speaks to you today. You’ll ensure there are many more “best school days” ahead for teachers and students across the country.
Give Now
Thank you for being part of such an epic moment for the community!
Teachers, have questions about your projects, or anything else #BestSchoolDay related? Visit our help center.


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