Creating Transparency in Our Cause Marketing Campaigns

NOTE: This post was revised with updated campaigns from 2020 on April 29, 2020.
For cause marketing campaigns where a partner’s contribution relies on participants taking specific actions (like purchasing an item, voting on a website, etc.), DonorsChoose will outline key details about the campaign on our website (like the maximum dollar value of the campaign, the dates of the campaign, etc.).
DonorsChoose does this as a part of the Better Business Bureau’s guidelines to protect consumers participating in cause marketing campaigns.  Learn more.
We look forward to updating this page with new information on our cause marketing and co-venture partnerships. Stay tuned!
Under Armour, Inc.
What: Beginning April 17, 2020 Under Armour will donate 100% of the net proceeds from “Through This Together” t-shirt sales stemming from its “The Only Way is Through”initiative to support urgent classroom needs on DonorsChoosethrough its Keep Kids Learning initiative. 
When: Spring/Summer 2020
Minimum amount donated to DonorsChoose: $60,000
What: DonorsChoose will receive $0.05 for each KLEENEX Trusted Care 3 pack (144ct), KLEENEX Trusted Care 4 pack (144ct), KLEENEX Ultra Soft 3 pack (110ct) and KLEENEX Trusted Care 12 pack (144ct); $0.10 for each KLEENEX Ultra Soft 4 pack(110ct); and $0.30 for each KLEENEX Trusted Care 10 pack (230ct), KLEENEX Ultra Soft 12 pack (65ct) and KLEENEX Ultra Soft 12 pack (85ct).
When: July 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020
Minimum amount donated to DonorsChoose: $750,000Maximum amount donated to DonorsChoose: $1,000,000

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