Facebook and Yahoo! GivingCards

We are beyond ecstatic to announce the launch of our 2008 GivingCard partnerships with Facebook and Yahoo!
Back by popular demand, Yahoo! gave GivingCards in 2006 and 2007, and decided that this would be a great gift for its employees again this holiday season. You can check out more details about Yahoo!’s continued support of teachers and students here.
Facebook also wanted to share the gift of helping public school classrooms this year by distributing GivingCards to its clients. CNNMoney is already raving about the Facebook gift and, as Facebook addicts ourselves, we are very excited about this partnership.
Each GivingCard recipient gets to select a classroom project that he or she is passionate about and support that project thanks to the GivingCards provided by Yahoo! and Facebook. It is inspiring to see these companies bring the joy of giving to their clients and employees. Many thanks to Facebook and Yahoo! during this holiday season! Because of you, teachers and students across the nation will have the essential teaching supplies they need in 2009!


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