Five Days of Teacher Appreciation Week Matching from

If there are two things our friends at love, it’s teachers… and search results.
To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, is committing $500,000 to match donations to one category of classroom projects every day this week. Here’s the twist: the daily categories are based on the terms our teachers have searched for the most on
Check back here every morning at 10am EST for the category of each day’s match offer. (You’ll also receive an email if any of your current live projects qualifies for a match.) Donations will be matched for the selected category of projects each day, from 8 a.m. EST to 3 a.m. EST/midnight PST, or while funding lasts. Check out all the details.
Monday’s Category: Professional Development!
We believe that teachers should have access to the professional development experiences they seek.
Support A Professional Development Project
Tuesday’s Category: Field Trips & Class Visitors!
Those teachers who herd 40 middle schoolers onto the subway are heroes. Let’s make sure every teacher up for doing this crazy hard work can take their students on a field trip.
Support a Field Trip/Class Visitor Project
Wednesday’s Category: Music!
Together we can help students make beautiful music and celebrate the teachers across the country who help them discover their talents.
Support a Music Project
Thursday’s Category: Flexible Seating!
The Google offices are chock full of bouncy chairs and weirdly shaped bean bags, too.
Support a Flexible Seating Project
Friday’s Category: Die Cutting Machines!
This machine that cuts shapes and letters en masse is the most teacher-y search we could have imagined!
Support a Die Cutting Machine Project


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