Happy Anniversary, Science Bloggers

Every year, a group of science bloggers descends on, helping out thousands of students, and amazing us with their ability to mobilize their readers.
There is a handful of bloggers who’ve been involved in blogger challenges since the very first one in 2008. Today, we’d like to recognize the bloggers who have been helping students year in and year out:
4th Anniversary:
Cosmic Variance
Dr. Free-Ride
Gene Expression
Uncertain Principles
3rd Anniversary:
Christina’s LIS Rant
Terra Sigillata
2nd Anniversary:
Anthropology in Practice
Deep Sea News
Dr. Becca
Dr. O
Gerty Z
Maitri Erwin
Odyssey Blog
Proflike Substance
Sci Curious
Take it to the Bridge
The Bad Astronomer
The Gam
Thoughtful Animal
Whiz Bang

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