Hi, we’re the summer interns. :)

This summer there are lots of fantastic interns joining the team. We hail from hometowns and colleges all over the country (and even outside the country!), but we’re all excited to be part of this incredible organization for the next several months!
Despite our status as lowly interns, everyone at has gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. Whether we are having tutorials, listening to speakers, or chowing down at intern lunches, there’s plenty of learning and fun to be had. Tragically, however, our days are not all glamorous, for we’ve also been getting down and dirty with many data-filled Excel spreadsheets. We even produced some debatably-clever haikus and looked awesomely awkward while reading them in front of the entire staff!
From Facebook ad campaigns to Customer Relations, we’ve got our hands in all sorts of exciting projects. Check back throughout the summer to hear our stories (the good and the bad)!
– Alexandra, Amani, Ben, CJ, Clare, Danielle, Jade, Janice, and Marie


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