How to hire a data scientist [VIDEO]

Our new data scientist Jay Garlapati, former OK Cupid data scientist Max Shron, and our Chief Technology Officer Oliver Hurst-Hiller addressed this question a recent panel at DataGotham 2012.

What sort of data does have? When did you realize needed a data scientist? [0:45]
How did commence its search? [8:30]
Why was Max drawn to working with on this? What’s the profile of the person Max was looking for? How did that translate into the job description? [9:50]
How did and Max publicize the opening? [15:45]
How did the opening come to Jay’s attention and what prompted you to respond? [16:30]
What about Jay made prompted you to start talking? [17:50]
What were the profiles of the typical applicant? [20:30]
What were the lessons learned from the interview process? [21:50]
What were some profiles of other finalists for the role? [20:30]
What were some other opptys Jay considered that he decided not to pursue? [25:35]
What was Jay’s first assignment as a data scientist? [26:05]
How did Jay ramp-up on the data, schema, and business? [27:05]
What other projects has Jay worked on so far? How is the role shaping up? [28:15]
What are you doing to help Jay ramp-up on Data Science and [30:45]
What final advice do you have for folks looking to hire data scientists or get started in this field? [33:15]
Big thanks to our moderator John Myles White and his fellow DataGotham organizers Hilary Mason, Drew Conway, and Mike Dewar for hosting such a great event!


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