Join the Facial Hair Craze Sweeping the Nation – Chapter or NO Chapter!

So you want to be part of the Mustaches for Kids Nationwide Challenge, the facial hair craze sweeping the nation, but you don’t have a group of future Growers in your city, at your office or at your college? Who needs a chapter … chapters are for men who need support groups to don their ‘staches. Not you – you are a lone wolf, an UNAFFILIATED GROWER.
This year, Unaffiliated Growers across the country are banding together to raise money for We want you to join the ranks of individual Growers across the country who will harness the power of the ‘stache to have a huge impact on public school classrooms in need.
We know what you’re thinking….
What do I need to do?
Email [email protected], and let us know you’re “IN!”
We’ll email you a Grower’s Packet with all the information you’ll need to survive
Grow that beautiful ‘stache!
How does it work?
Grow a mustache for 4 weeks
Create a personalized Giving Page at by creating an account (this is painless and takes minutes, promise)
Ask your family, friends and co-workers to sponsor your ‘stache by sending them to your Giving Page, where they can donate to a classroom project you’ve chosen using a credit card or check
Timing: Growing Season?“Growing Season” runs from November 13th – December 13th. We have found that the holiday season, while a busy time of year, is one when charitable impulses are most likely to be acted upon. Plus, nothing pairs with a holiday sweater better than a mustache. You’ll be knockout!
But what if I’m not a fundraiser?If you’re worried about fundraising, fear not. From Facebook tips designed to wrangle your ‘stache supporters to inspirational email templates guaranteed to get your friends and family to open their wallets – our Grower Packet has everything you’ll need to raise some cash. Just email us, and we’ll send one your way.
May the ‘stache be with you! Mustache Team
Questions? Please email [email protected] with any mustache inquiries!


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