Learning about our awesome donors

This past month, we’ve been working hard to understand who our donors are and why they come to our site. To do this, we sent out two surveys.
The first survey allowed us to hear the voices of our donors through five open-ended questions. The answers helped us understand how we should approach a second, quantitative survey.
The second survey consisted of about twenty multiple choice questions. This survey just ended and we are excited to share some preliminary results!
1,900 donors responded
About three quarters are women
Our donors run the gamut in terms of age… the even distribution took us by surprise
6 out of 10 have an immediate friend or family member who is a public school teacher
Over half are extremely likely to recommend to a friend, giving us a 10 out of 10 promoter score
Of those unlikely to recommend us, the most common source of frustration was getting a donation returned as account credits because the project did not reach full funding
37% prefer to give to classrooms in the community where they live
Thank you notes from the students are the most popular form of classroom feedback
16% of our donors are interested in automatic, recurring donations to classroom projects in their interest area
Thanks to all who took the survey – you’ve made a real difference! We’ll continue analyzing the data to learn how we can improve the experience.


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