Teachers: your account is getting a new look!

Log into your account starting on Thursday, and you’ll notice a cleaner and more organized look.
Check out these three features to make the most of your new account:
1. Stay organized
Each part of your account now has its own tab, so you can easily find everything you need.

Your projects: Everything you need to know about your projects, all in one place
Public page: Access and customize your public Teacher Page, a one-stop shop to showcase your efforts on
Resources: Helpful links for getting funding and spreading the word
Account info: A place to update your account photo, school details, login info and other settings

2. What’s next?
Project listings are action-oriented so you’ll always know the next step towards your goal.

3. Use those resources!
The new account makes it easier than ever to access everything you need to connect with the community and get your projects funded.

We hope you’ll enjoy giving your new account a spin, starting on Thursday!


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