They’ve done it again! 10 awe inspiring and Google inspiring Atlanta projects

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Google’s gone and done it again! In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day, Google has flash funded every project in the metro Atlanta area today. More than 300 Atlanta teachers found their projects funded this morning, just weeks after Google completed a similar funding surprise in the Bay Area.
Thank you, Atlanta teachers, for inspiring us and our friends at Google! Here are 10 inspirational projects that got some Google love today:
(1) Trumpets for tooting in Mrs. Brooks’s band
(2) Transforming Mrs. Dudeja’s classroom into a real science lab:
(3) Stability balls to help Mrs. Rossi-Espagnet’s students bounce to success:
(4) Timers to make every minute count in Ms. Davis’s class
(5) Mrs. W’s students getting their glaze on
(6) A karaoke system for Mrs. Herndon’s young French scholars
(7) Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs to help Ms. Hernandez’s munchkins master their letter sounds
(8) Construction paper for student self portraits
(9) Tools and toys to help Mrs. Welborn’s young students learn to button, zip and snap
(10) Materials for Mrs. Dean’s students to make their own wind chimes! Can we listen in come some windy Atlanta day?

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