Top Ranking for Crate and Barrel and GivingCard Partnership!

Mashable (, the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media News, ranked the Crate and Barrel / GivingCard partnership as one of the top 5 Winning Corporate Social Good Campaigns.
The Crate and Barrel GivingCard campaign is praised for the positive impact it has had on customers (82% of customers who redeemed the certificates were “very likely to consider Crate & Barrel for their next home furnishings or accessories purchase” compared to 76% of a control group of customers that didn’t get certificates), as well as public school teachers and students (over 14,500 projects benefiting 347,000 students).
Please click here for the full blog entry: is thankful to Crate and Barrel for its continued support of public school teachers and students across the country.


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