Watch a Road Trip Help Classrooms Across California and Arizona

For the last few years, we’ve set our sights on a big goal: funding a project from every single high-need public school in America. That’s tougher than it sounds, but thanks to help from our friends at Kia, it’s now a little bit closer in Arizona and California.
Last month, Walter Doyle, our director of policy and expansion, set out on a road trip with Kia (while driving one their vehicles, of course) to spread the word about in Phoenix, Tucson, and San Diego. He wound up driving for 570 miles and, along the way, led training workshops to help new teachers learn how to use At teacher celebration events hosted by local Kia dealerships, we announced that we were funding hundreds of projects—the vast majority from those new teachers. Together we were able to fund 456 schools, 628 teachers, and reach 50,000 students.
Check out the video from the “Holidays of Us” road tour below for the full story!


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