What teachers need for remote learning at every grade level

As the school year begins, COVID-19 means that “back-to-school” is going to mean something different for everyone. When we surveyed teachers, only 8% were confident they’d be spending the year entirely in the classroom; everyone else was getting ready for distance learning, blended learning, remote learning, online learning — whatever you call it, it’s a new experience and a new challenge for teachers. 

Based on tens of thousands of DonorsChoose projects, here’s what teachers need most this back-to-school season in every grade level. 

Supplies for remote learning in elementary school

Teachers working in the younger grades are looking for toys, books, seating, and basic supplies to keep their kids engaged while learning remotely. 

 Supplies for remote learning in middle school

Books, magazine subscriptions, and document cameras top the list for most-requested distance learning items for middle school teachers

Supplies for remote learning in high school

Books, technology, and supplies for care packages are top of mind for high school teachers looking to move to remote learning this year.

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