What Your Donations Mean to Teachers

As a DonorsChoose supporter, you know that teachers face challenges every school year, whether they are missing basic classroom supplies or trying to go above and beyond for their students. Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, teachers have faced even bigger challenges: Closed schools, teaching from afar, and getting essential learning tools to students scattered across a neighborhood, a county, or even further afield. As teachers rise to these new challenges, the DonorsChoose community keeps showing up to support them.

And, as usual, teachers are sharing their gratitude — and their notes and photos are equal parts inspiring and heartwarming. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites; Multiply the notes below by a few hundred thousand and you’ll have a picture of what your donations meant to teachers during these unprecedented times and what your support means to them as they begin another school year.

As teachers and students go back to school across the country, we’re ready to support them and we know you are too. 

You made sure students could keep learning

“Thank you for providing my students with the opportunity to read at home. Being able to provide my students with books is something that is extremely important to me. I grew up with a very large family and buying us books was simply something my parents could not afford to do for us. It meant a lot to me to be able to do this for them with your help!”   — Ms. Gutierrez

Thank you donors, for your generosity and your support of this most outstanding program. It has meant so much to me, but most importantly, to my students and their families. Just this past week, the personalized and customized packages have been arriving at their homes, delivered safe and sound. The responses I’ve received back are just so heartwarming. Kids are thrilled, it’s lifted their spirits, it’s made them motivated to continue reading and learning, and to continue moving forward at this very challenging time. – Ms. Jennifer

“You made this all possible! Because of you and your generous donors, there is a family of four who are able to fill their bellies and sleep at night. You just never know the chain reaction of generosity you set off or of those that you truly impact at the end of the day. This is why I decided to write to you and I can only hope that you share this story with those responsible. You, Donors Choose, have spread the message of love, generosity, compassion, and empathy for one another. Thank you for inspiring me to be more” — Ms. Waugh-Reed 

You made some kids VERY excited

“My own whiteboard? I can keep it? I have always wanted my own whiteboard!”  –  Aaron, a first grader

“Learning is hard during quarantine, but this helps a lot! I like that you can do so many different experiments. Thank you for the science kit!” – Evan, a fourth grader

“He came home and showed his dogs everything you gave him!” – The parent of Tristen,  a first grader

“I wish I could give every person that donated these materials and books to me a hug. They don’t even know me and they are helping me learn. Thank you whoever you are!” – Taveon, a fourth grader

You generated thousands of “thank yous”

Take a look at the new projects teachers are working on to support their students during another unprecedented year!


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