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Teachers across the country are relying on digital resources to help them make the shift to online and hybrid learning. Digital courseware helps engage students, pace individual work time, develop lesson plans and curriculum, and support standards-based teaching.  Do you need digital resources to bring your students’ learning to the next level? There is a community of supporters on DonorsChoose who want to make sure you and your students have the tools you need to bring learning to life this year.  Some of the most popular digital tools are available to request on DonorsChoose. Here are the top digital resources
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The Books Teachers Need Most in 2020, at Every Grade Level

Whether you’re teaching from home or in your classroom, one thing hasn’t changed during this unusual back-to-school season: Books are still an essential learning resource for students everywhere. Some teachers are sending books to kids at home, some are doing read-alouds over video chat, and others are trying to make sure each kid can have their own copy of key books in the classroom. Now is the perfect time to get that perfect page-turner for your classroom. When you create your project, you can choose from any of these book vendors: AKJ Education, Kaplan Early Learning, Lakeshore, MahoganyBooks, School Specialty,
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5 Best-In-Class Ideas for Teaching Students About Civics

Election years give us a unique opportunity to show students how they can use their voices to help create a better world. From mock elections to community betterment projects, teachers key into students’ passions and creativity to get them excited about being active members of our society. With support from an anonymous donor, we launched the Civics Innovation Challenge. We invited teachers to share their best ideas for bringing engaging civics lessons to their students — no matter where they’re learning from. Qualifying teachers received a 2X match offer on their projects.  We teamed up with CIRCLE (Center for Information
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