Halo Infinite Tutorial - How to Get Power Weapons in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Tutorial – How to Get Power Weapons in Halo Infinite

One of the most common questions asked about how to get a power weapon in Halo Infinite is, “Is it possible to drop my weapons on the spot?” In order to answer that question, you will need to find out how to drop your weapons. In previous games, you would have to drop your weapon and pick up another. This made it difficult to pass off a power weapon to your team in a pinch.


The Needler is one of the Covenant’s most powerful weapons. It deals plasma damage and holds 26 crystalline shards. The Needler also has a very high firing rate, so if you hit an enemy with 12 shots, you will instantly kill them. The Needler also has a high reload time, so it’s a good idea to aim slightly above your enemy’s head to maximize damage.

Assault Rifle

Inhaling bullets isn’t the only way to get an assault rifle in Halo Infinite. The battle rifle is the best precision weapon. It rewards accuracy with rapid four-burst kills from medium range. It can also spawn on every map. The sidekick, a magnum pistol version of the assault rifle, is another weapon you can use to gain quick kills in close quarters. Aside from the assault rifle, you can also equip the Mangler, a hand cannon, to take out enemies in the short-term. The weapon can be found in the weapon racks.

Shock Rifle

One of the most effective weapons in Halo infinite is the Shock Rifle. Its projectiles arc upon impact, causing damage to nearby targets. It is especially effective against shields and ground weaponry. However, it lacks the variable zoom scope. Here are the basics of using it in Halo infinite:

Pulse Carbine

Getting Pulse Carbine is relatively easy, but you need to learn the tricks of the trade. The Pulse Carbine is a close to medium range weapon. Its best use is at a medium range, but it can also be used at a distance to kill enemies. Luckily, this weapon is compatible with Halo Infinite’s aim assist, which will help you find enemies and kill them in a hurry.


The M41 SPNKr power weapon in Hala Infinite is one of the most important weapons in the game. With its explosive rockets and limited magazine capacity, this weapon is one of the most efficient weapons in the game. This weapon has the potential to completely destroy any enemy within its blast radius, which makes it an important tool in large battle games. It can also be extremely useful against powerful land vehicles.

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