How to Draw a Realistic Cat Tutorial

How to Draw a Realistic Cat Tutorial

A cat is a wonderful subject to paint but you may find it difficult to know how to start. This tutorial will walk you through how to choose a pose for your cat, how to create highlights, and how to sketch using tone and shadow. The process will also help you to learn how to use a light box to create shadows on your cat. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to become an excellent artist and enjoy painting cats.

Proper proportions of a cat’s body

You’ve probably already learned the importance of capturing the shape and proportions of a cat’s body. But have you ever thought about how a cat’s skeleton could be improved? By taking the time to observe the cat’s body, you can capture its skeletal structure and establish its proportions. To do this, start by sketching the skeleton of a cat. Ideally, you should include more details than you need to. For example, when drawing a cat’s back legs, take note of how the tarsus bone protrudes. This bone plays an important role in the leg shape.

Choosing a pose for a cat

Choosing a pose for your cat drawing is one of the first steps to completing a realistic drawing. You should choose a stance for your cat, which can be an erect, walking, or side view. It will also depend on the breed of the cat that you’re drawing. To choose the right pose, you should study the way real cats stand and move. Once you have determined the right pose, you can then sketch the entire cat.

Sketching with tone

There are several different techniques you can use when sketching a cat, from cross-hatching to shading. The technique involves creating areas of tone by using a series of parallel lines and varying the angle of the hatching to give a sense of drama. You can use this technique to create a realistic-looking drawing of a cat. It’s important to remember that the darker areas of a drawing should still have the sparkle of white paper, while light areas should remain untouched.

Sketching a cat’s face

To create a realistic cat’s face, you will need to draw the outline of the cat first. Use a pencil to draw the face’s outline. Then, use an eraser to remove any stray lines. Next, draw the cat’s eyes and ears, and add shading to the face. When you’re finished with the outline, you can draw the cat’s body. Here’s how to sketch a realistic cat’s face:

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