Is Nikkie Tutorials Transgender?

Is Nikkie Tutorials Transgender?

Many YouTube users have been asking: Is Nikkie Tutorials transgender? The Dutch beauty vlogger has been under fire lately for disclosing the truth about herself. After blackmailers threatened to leak her personal details, she told her loyal fans that she is transgender. While the vlogger is still under the protection of the Dutch law, her fans are still confused. Fortunately, she’s not alone in this struggle. Other beauty vloggers have come out to share their own stories about transitioning as well.

nikkie tutorials came out as transgender

Beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, better known as YouTube user NikkieTutorials, recently came out as transgender. Her family had always assumed that Nikkie would be gay, but that was another story. Blackmailers, who wanted to destroy her reputation, threatened to release her personal story. Thankfully, Nikkie decided to stay true to herself and re-post it on YouTube.

YouTube star Nikkie de Jager, better known as the popular YouTube channel NikkieTutorials, has come out as a transgender woman. She explains her decision to her loyal subscribers in an emotional video. Blackmail and bullying forced her to make the decision. Nikkie, who has nearly 13 million subscribers, has worked with celebrities including Lady Gaga, and recently was named global artistry adviser to Marc Jacobs Beauty.

nikkie tutorials transitioned

In a recent YouTube video, NikkieTutorials revealed that she is transgender. In the video, titled “I’m Coming Out,” she alludes to the pressure that she felt to come out as trans. She also confirms that she was born a boy. It is unclear how NikkieTutorials transitioned as a child. Watch the video to learn more about the experience.

Nikkie Tutorials previously went by the name “Nikita.” She began transitioning at age six and fully transitioned at the age of 19. After she uploaded her first video, she was threatened by unknown people. However, the video went viral and drew the attention of many people. Nikkie has also been praised by Nikita Dragun, a transgender activist. She is the first transgender woman in the Netherlands to make it to the mainstream media.

nikkie tutorials has a loyal following

Nikkie de Jager is an influential YouTuber who revealed recently that she is transgender. In an emotional video, she explains that her decision to come out was forced by blackmail. She has a following of over 13 million subscribers and has worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga. She recently was named the global artistry adviser for Marc Jacobs beauty. Despite being trans, she is an outspoken and open person.

The success of her videos and tutorials have won her many fans. Her channel is one of the most subscribed and followed beauty channels on YouTube. Her latest video – ‘The Coming Out of NikkieTutorials’ – has surpassed 36 million views and three million likes. The popularity of NikkieTutorials has also led to a documentary series on YouTube. ‘Nikkie Tutorials: Layers of Me’ is a series of four episodes.

nikkie tutorials has been blackmailed

NikkieTutorials, a beauty guru on YouTube, has been blackmailed and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. After the blackmailing incident, Nikkie de Jager came out publicly as transgender. Her coming out video went viral, gaining millions of views. Her coming out video also included details on the blackmail attempt. Nikkie explained that she was forced to hide her true identity by the person who wanted to leak her story.

The blackmailer was targeting Nikkie’s popularity on YouTube, so she took the initiative to tell her story. Nikkie Dawson has a loyal following of over 12 million subscribers and has collaborated with several big names in the beauty industry. She has been a YouTube star for nine years and has worked with brands such as Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga. Now, she is out and wants people to stop blackmailing her.

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